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Discover Essential Oils

From time immemorial, essential oils have been used widely for healing purposes as they are believed and proved to be laden with therapeutic properties.

At Angel Touch Massage & Wellness, we believe in educating people about the healing power of essential oils before one starts applying them.

A BBB accredited and a member of Chamber of Sholas Commerce in Florence, we rely on certified brands of essential oils such as Young Living Essential Oils to bring the maximum and purest form of benefits to our clients. We also use whole foods such as Juice Plus to benefit our clients.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Essential oils maximize the benefits of massage helping you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Essential oils are pure and generally, in their raw and powerful form. At Angel Touch Massage & Wellness, we take the time to educate our clients about the properties of the essential oils and even offer iTovi scans to learn more about which essential oils are right for you.

To enjoy the healing power of essential oils, visit us today or call us to schedule an appointment.

Aromatherapy Oil
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