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The Clinic

Conveniently located off Florence Boulevard near the Cox Creek Parkway shopping district in Florence, Alabama, Angel Touch Massage & Wellness Center provides professional massage therapy and body wellness services to the entire Shoals area. In addition to world-class bodywork, Angel Touch strives to provide reliable wellness education to empower clients to take control of their healing journey.

Our dedicated team of therapists, certified by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy, understand the importance of massage for both physical healing and stress management. Essential oils and other therapies (including cranio-sacral therapy) ensures our business is equipped to handle every body's unique needs.  

Consistent with good corporate citizenship, Angel Touch Massage is BBB accredited and a member of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce.

Our Philosophy


The human body is a unique expression of the lived experience of an individual. Every stress has a discernible effect on the body. Various massage therapies and holistic treatments are proven to provide healing and relief for the physical and psychological side effects of the body bravely bearing the stresses of life.

Pressure Points
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